His Excellency Engineer Abdullahi A Sule made an unscheduled detour to inspect ongoing work at the site of the Police Command Training College in Nasarawa Eggon Hills.

The Governor said his purpose for the inspection visit was to confirm the pace of work by the contractor handling the construction of the Mobile Police Training College.

Engineer Sule confirmed for himself that the perimeter fencing of the college had been completed by the contractor to encompass two gigantic flanks of the Eggon Hills which the trainee Police officers will use for physical fitness exercises, mountain climbing and reconnaissance in the event of being engaged in any tactical warfare or they are under siege in unfriendly mountainous terrain.

Governor Abdullahi A Sule used the opportunity of his stopover to enquire from the local labourers if they were being paid regularly by the contractor and if there were any cases of complaints over land compensation.

At the end of his satisfactory inspection of ongoing work at the Mobile training college in Nasarawa Eggon, Engineer Abdullahi A Sule reaffirmed that the government of Nasarawa State remains undeterred and resolute in it’s determination to beef up security around the Nasarawa Eggon-Akwanga axis so as to halt the nefarious activities of armed bandits and runaway insurgents who wish to infiltrate Nasarawa State.

Yakubu Lamai
Director General, Strategic Communication & Press Affairs.
11th February, 2020