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Department of Debt Management

Current Total Arrears
₦ 60,710.05
Debt/Arrears Stock
₦ 35,388.78
Aggregate Salary Arrears
₦ 726.89
Aggregate Gratuity/Death Benefits Arrears
₦ 12,244.85
Aggregate Pension Arrears
₦ 12,244.85
Aggregate Contract Arrears
₦ 13,076.42

1. Receipt of Statutory and other allocations due to the State from the Federation Account.

2. Disbursement of Funds on behalf of the State Government.

3. Maintenance of all Government Accounts.

4. Advising Government on financial matters.

5. Preparation of Financial Reports and Statements of Accounts.

6. Representing the State at the Federation Account Committee (FAAC) meetings.

7. Co-coordinating the State Funds Allocation Committee (FACO) meeting with the Secretary to the State Government as chairman.


Ministry of Finance is among the first key Ministries that was establishment upon the creation of Nasarawa State.


To be a model of prudent public finance management and accountability in accordance with best global practice.


Provide excellent public finance management service in Nasarawa State.

The Ministry as custodian of Government funds has the following responsibilities:.

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