Nasarawa State Government Distributes Relief Material to Returning Communities around Benue Boarder

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has called the residents of Nasarawa State to continue to live in peace with one another , expressing his happiness that people were moving around freely with the return of peace to the areas that had been engulfed with crisis early in the year.

Gov. Almakura disclosed this during the conclusion of distribution of relief material to 18 displaced communities returning to their assessorial home around the Nasarawa Benue boarder, following the resolving of pending issues by the Community Base Conflict Committee who have since began work.

He commended the support of TIDA, Tiv Stakeholders, Security operatives,, Traditional Rulers and the Community Base Conflict Committee with whose support the crisis was brought to an end. Stating that it was very impressive that there was good affinity within communities around the state , especially the Tiv and Fulani Communities enabling a number of the displaces communities return to the homes.

The Governor stated that the Government felt this was the best time to distribute the relief items , which would be very benefitting to the communities as they return and take up the task of settling down and rebuilding. He further stated that the government was making arrangements to purchase building material for houses that were burnt down and vandalized.

He state that they were happy that people could move around without fear , carrying out their normal activities without fear of any group or community. Stating that the Community Based Conflict Committees to relate with the TIDA officers and Stakeholders to ensure that any little misunderstanding that happens between the communities is quickly resolved .

He assured the TIv Community of the continuous support of the Nasarawa State Government , assuring that some of the place that were difficult to reach due to the terrain would be worked on to provide motorable roads that would aid the residents and security in movement . He disclosed that the Ministry of Works and NUDB had been directed to rehabilitate the roads. So that people who have gone back to the hinterland would have easy access.

He disclosed that this distribution out be to 18 communities that were affected by the recent incidents around the Benue Boarder , stating that the items would include rice ,maize , milo milk , maggi , matrasses and other household items needed by the people. Explaining that they would increase the release items as time goes by , assuring them that building materials would be supplied within weeks to the same communities .
The communities receiving the relief material included Obi/ Abagu, Agwatashi/ Aguno, Adudu , Kertyo, Igbonghur, Daddare, Keana, Giza, Kadarko, Rukubi, Doma, Awe, Tunga, Azara, Wuse and Assakio stating that areas that have not been included would be included in the next round

Assuring them that they would maintain the security bases where a combination of Police and Civil Defense, DSS and other would be there to ensure the maintenance of peace and stability of the areas.

Governor Almakura then displayed the prototype design of the houses the Federal Government was planing to provide in areas that had be ravaged by the crisis.

He explained that this round of relief materials for the Tiv communities , to provide them with what they needed, stating that soon the Fulani communities would also receive relief materials particular to their own needs.

The TIDA President Mr Boniface Ifer who spoke on the behalf of the Tiv Community thanked the Governor for his efforts and the distribution of relief materials to them , as well as intensifying efforts to see that all displace d person return home. Appreciating hos efforts and praying for strength for him to be able to do even more to the people of the state.

, The Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency (NASEMA). Barr. Zackary Zamani Alumaga disclosed that each of the communities were directed to send 5 persons that would escort the relief material back to the communities , stating that the material was for those within the communities affected by the crisis, declaring that the item were for all and should not be shared along political party lines.