Ministry of Lands , Survey and Town Planning


The Ministry of Lands , Survey and Town Planning is saddled with the following responsibilities:
1. Formulation and implementation of general land policies for the state.
2. Acquisition of Land for Government Agencies by liaising with customary holders.
3. Assessment and payment of compensation for acquired land ,
4. Keeping records of all land titles and enforcing compliance with the terms and conditions of grants e.g. ground rent payment ect.
5. Secretariat for land Use Allocation Committee (LUAC)
6. Establishment of Cadastral Survey Control
7. Compilation, preparation and update of cadastral/ township maps.
8. Carrying out survey of all public/ private lands as well , as administrative boundaries with in the state.
9. Prepares and implements all master plans within the State , be it Residential , Commercial, Industrial etc,
10. Co-ordinates , determines and balances developmental requirements of Development Agencies.