Ministry Of Culture and Tourism


The Ministry consists of the following Departments:

Arts and Culture Departments

Tourism Department

Planning, Research and Statistics Department

Administration and Supplies Department

Finance and Accounts Department

Functions of the Ministry

Advising on the formulation of policies and creating an enabling environment for the hospitality and tourism industry. Implementing Government policies and programmes as regards culture and Tourism. Identifying the cultural treasures of the State. Preserving the abundant cultural potentials of the state and promoting same. Identify , preserving, protecting and promoting all tourism attraction for the development of the state.

Preservation of the rich cultural heritage of the state. Identifying viable tourism destinations/site. Provision and improvement of tourist facilities. Researching into the Tourism and hospitality potential of the state. Consultations and cooperation with appropriate Federal and Local Government Agencies on ways of improving tourism programmes.

Coordinating inter-department/state planning of Tourism. Coordination activities on National and state tourism plans. Coordinating cultural development throughout the state . Development of tourist identified in order to create employment and revenue generation for the state. Maintenance and management of parks, games reserves, gardens and zoo. Maintenance and management of Hotels